Wednesday, January 11, 2017


This photo collection is a complete work of art. I love this look from head to toe, everything in it tells a story. My younger cousin came over to me after I showed her this photo collection and she told me you look like you should be in a museum. Thanks Brian Brigantti for making me look so good!

Ahh! The whole set up is just amazing! I love it! When coming up with this look, we had a couple different ideas for the top but we finally settle on this amazing ensemble. The crazy thing about this look is that we mixed two statement pieces and still come out with an amazing look. I don't have an answer on how that worked out but it did. I guess that's art for you? So tell me, do you think this look deserves to be in an art gallery?

Top: Forever 21
Pant: Vingtage
Belt: Old Navy

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