Friday, January 13, 2017

Leopard & Fur Boomer

What can honestly be said about this look, it's amazing. When Brian Brigantti told me to put the leperd top with my fur bomber jacket I was completely shocked. I told him that I never thought about adding this two items together. He told me that he has notice a lot of fashion editorials doing less match matchy work and more so pieces added together. When I placed this look on I had to do a double take. This look is everything and  I was felling myself

What makes this look go together? The blacks go together easily but the brown, blue and red go together like magic. All three of those color are very rich and deep into there color, which might actually contribute to how this look goes together. It might not be textbook matching but what would style and fashion be if you didn't break the rules and make something visually beautiful.

Jacket: Vintage
Top: H&M
Pant: Old Navy
Shoe: H&M

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