Monday, October 14, 2013

A little bit of Aura Drama?

      Well I'm not going to lie, for a long time I was mad at Lady Gaga. First, she put out applause and i love it! For about a week because she just seemed like she was in love with herself more then every. I just didn't know how to take it, she seemed vein. But next, I find out that she took Azealia Banks off of the album. Which lit my fuse a little, just because I knew Red Flam and Ratchet were going to be amazing songs. But the last thaw, was when I saw that she had a song called Venus. If you guys don't know, Azealia Banks leaked one of her songs over the summer and it was also named Venus! I don't know how Lady Gaga's Venus sounds but I was mad. Plus all of that Tea that Gabriel Reignbow told us (if you didn't see that post click HERE!!! ). After that, I really was done!
         I have to say this throe! When I saw this I fell back in love with her! I'm proud to be a little monster now. This lyric video was fresh to death. It made me thinking, is this going to be the 3rd part to the Paparazzi and telephone saga? Well I sure hope so because I'm biting at the bit to find out! This is what I love about her, being edgy and not coming off so vein. So take a look for yourself!

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