Monday, October 7, 2013

My Obsessions of the Month: September

This month has ben a blast of thoughts and ideas! For an example fashion week. Fashion week had so much flavor and orianil ideas. Also for a lot of people they just finish there first month of school! So by all this being said, it would be wrong for me to not have an obsessions of the month for September. Also if you missed last month click HERE!

5. Social Media

Social Media is that one thing that keeps everyone in touch with the world. You no longer have to cal someone or look on the news because nine times out of ten its going to be on the internet. There something about these websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr that has people addicted. It might be the easiest way to find out with going on with you favorite celebs. Or just a really easy and shameless way to brag about yourself. Well whatever it is, it sure has me hooked!

4. Androgynous Models

So Ive noticed a surplus of androgynous models. Which to be quite honest, I love it! I fell like to fashion industrial is lousing its grip. As we heard fashion is the most cut throat industrial but now if you don't like what you see you can just get a male or female model to do the job! Models like Andrej Pejic, Cooper Thompson, and David Chiang are all on top of the there game!

3. Barbarella
Barbarella is a space princess from earth. She is protecting us for all types of danger while looking hella chic! For this movie being made in the 60's, the start of pop culture, it screams sexy appeal! From her little one pieces to not wearing anything at all! She was a definite factor in todays pop culture. She has inspired many. For an example The Blonds a super fierce fashion line.

2. Madame Peripetie

Madame Peripetie is a photographer All of her work has so much passion in it. From the art point of view to the fashion side! Its just something to that you can fall in love with! Every head piece, every back ground and every model has a story to tell at the end of these photo shoots. Remember back in grade school when they said every picture says a thousand words ,or something on the lines of that, well no a truly believe them! Madame Peripetie you are super fierce in my book!

1. The Blonds

I found out about The Blonds when Mad Reignbow made it first Facebook page.  I was quickly festinated by the and i want to learn more. When Philipe and David met, they were not in the fashion industry at all! They were doing something completely different with there lives. Then one day they went to a party and Philipe needed something to wear so they made there first dress out of bracelets and cloth. Which started there career. That same dress they made out of bracelets is the same dress that Miranda wear on Sex in the city movie. So after people started asking totem to make things and next thing you know they're in fashion! 

Now is here newest collection for s/s 2014:

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