Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Obsessions of the Month: August

The obsessions of the month was going to be no long but at the last minute it was saved. All because of one person that asked to keep it going and google+ it (so can you follow in there foot steps and do the same).Also, if you missed late month's click HERE! So, this month I have my top 5 obsessions for August!

5. Long Hair male models

These men all obviously have long hair and theres something about having long hair that gives you an edge. If they cut off all of there hair today, they would look like every other model out today. It would be wrong if i said that its just there hair that makes them so dam good looking. But its really a mix between there personallitys and there amazing bone structure.

4. Reality TV

I don't really know what it is about reality tv but it just has me hooked! Maybe it's the real emotion from the real people or maybe it's just the beautiful house they move in to. But just being honest, it's most likely the fights that keep us into a show. Well, what ever it is I'm in love! (the two shows i can't get enough of right now is America's Next Top Model and Bad Girls Club)

3. Back to School
It is definitely back to school season and everyone is trying to get ready or is all ready. I love this time of year because a lot of people try to look there best. Plus this is when people experiment with their clothes. Also Fashion Week starts the next month. Its just the best. Lastly, if you did get the chance to see our back to school post click HERE!

2. Bonnie McKee

Bonnie is like a super star that not a lot of people know about. She had album out in her earlier years but unfortunly it didn't go very far. So she began writing music for some of the biggest singers. Including Katy Perry, Brittany Spears and Taio Cruz. For Katy: Teenage dream, Wide awake, Last friday night, California girls, and much more. Taio: Dynamite . Brittany Spears Hold it against me. A fun fact for all of you, Bonnie wrote 8 hits that sold over 27 million copies in the last two and a half years. So with her new song, American Girl, it should be a hit. So lets help her out a little:

1. Lady Gaga vs Katy Perry
The fight is on and I love every minute of it. Yes it might be some friendly competition but I like to think not. For an example every time Lady Gaga is out, so is katy Perry and the other way around. Or like when Born this way video came out, a week or so later Katy's ET video was out with her as an alien. Also remember way back when Gaga had sparkes flying out of her bra and Katy had wipe cream flying out of hers. Hmm interesting, right? I think so! But I want you to tell me if this is just a coincidence or a case of a fight about to break out? Which ever it is, I have my popcorn waiting!

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