Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hot One!: Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci

Kreayshawn is sure making a "Creation" of success with her latest single "Gucci Gucci." The song has already received over eight million hits on youtube, got overexposed in a ridiculous cover done by Lil Wayne, and it has gotten her a VMA nom for best new artist. Which is seeming to serve as artist promotion more than artist recognition or retrospect. However no shade here, "Gucci Gucci" has been on my Ipod for months now and I still rock out to it; sort of like how the Regular Show's Mordecai and Rigby rock out to "Summertime Lovin." With it's catchy hook, hilarious lyrics, worldwide attention, and Oakland style freshness "Gucci Gucci" has in no doubt sufficed as this moment's Hot One!

Check out this "White Girl Mob's" member swag it out in "Gucci Gucci"!

speaking of bad bitches, is that girl with the blonde hair and glasses Lea from The Bad Girl Club Season 5?lol

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You and I Are Rolling In The Deep

Well there you have it........ Lady Gaga finally confirms new video is You and I........
Lady Gaga - "The Edge of Glory"
Gaga first premiered the song early summer of last year when she stated that she was going to perform the song because it was not going to appear on the new album. Since then, the song has came a long way. It was apart the Monster Ball setlist, then revamped for the Born This Way tracklist and it has now been promoted to a single.
This news may come as a disappointment to many fans who, according to gagadaily, wanted anything but 'You and I' as a single. Citing Marry The Night, Heavy Metal Lover, Americano, SchieBe, and our poll's top pick, Government Hooker as favorable single choices, Fans made it clear that You and I would not be a first pick.

Although this single choice was very transparent it's still however very disappointing. Of all of the single worthy records on the album, the year old over produced country record gets the single treatment? It seems like Team Gaga is trying to garner as much crossover appeal as possible in order to compete with the recent success of Adele. Since "Rolling in the Deep" hit number one, Adele has had no stop world attention. Her sophomore Album, 21, has found record breaking success and is a leading nominee at the MTV Music Video Awards while Gaga only collected three noms.
Since the demise of Judas, Gaga seems to be trying to prove herself as a talented artist. Most believe that all of the masks , wigs, and pyrotechnics have forced people to over look the talent causing a superficial illusion. However, Gaga has proved over and over again that she is indeed very talented. With millions of fans watching her every move as well as the very little that peek in, talent approval seems to be the last thing Gaga needs to be worried about. Therefore, this single choice is like beating a dead horse and then running it over a couple of times before taking it to the slaughter house.

With Adele's RITD riding high on success and being the only non dance record in the top ten, there seems to be a lot of open doors for the Yuyi side of Gaga. A more acoustic rock n roll side of the singer. The likes of 'Speechless', 'Brown Eyes', and the acoustic renditions of her top ten hits only hinted this piano driven form of the pop star but no top ten hit solidified it. You and I will be the debut of a less dance-y pop star and spotlight a rock star; hopefully it does well.

You and I has previously charted on the latter part of the Hot 100 and has already gained radio airplay. But will this song avoid flop land alluring to furious fans who didn't want it to be a single or will the collection of new ones make the record a hot shot for number one?
Watch Gaga announce the new single "You And I"

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Alexander McQueen

If you thought that Alexander Mcqueen line was going to die with him, your not alone. I thought the same thing until i saw the show. Everything about this show was amazing. From the over sized coats to the beautiful wedding dresses. This show had me on my toes for the whole 9 minutes. The shoes were delicious. (cant wait to see Gaga in them) I have to give around of applause to the new designer Sarah Burton. (Who took over for Alexander Mcqueen)

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashion Daster

As we all know history repeat its self. But there is one thing history should not repeat and that is the fashion that came from the movie sprung. The two leading ladys Tisha Cambell and Paula jai Parker were tore up from the floor up.

In the movie Tisha played a good girl, kind of shy and a well paid lawyer. Yeah i know what your thinking how is a well paid lawyer going to look tore up? Its simple! Tisha wear a chef's outfit into the office. Talk about bad! But what put the icing on the cake, is the horrible color! They had that poor girl wearing a sliver chef outfit that resemble the look and color of aluminum foil. With matching shoes. Her outfit was soooooooooooooo bad that i just had to laugh, exceptionally when i saw her with a suitcase that had all of her belongings in.

Paula on the other hand played a sexy golddigger looking for a husband. Her look paid her Justice...if she was a hooker! Though out the whole movie she was wearing too tight, too short, too ugly outfits. Talk about pitiful. I cant really even single out one of her outfits but i can tell you that she had some tore up wigs on. One nice thing that came from her hair is she had a new wig on for ever go girl???

As we can both see I hope, i mean i prayy that these horrible fashions never come back in style. Hey but don't get me wrong that movie is sooo funny i cant wait to watch it again. And those actors can really act. Well that it for me. Make sure you watch Sprung.

Lady Gaga's Edge Of Reason.

I Know i've made it very clear that "The Edge of Glory" is my least favorite Gaga record but this latest rendition of the record is a must listen.
Gaga shows the world why she is the most popular artist in the world. Everyone knows she has excellent showmanship, she's a great performer as well as a fashion Icon But, this video has got to deplete anyone believing this starlet doesn't have talent. This is clearly one of Gaga's best acoustic performances to date and maybe one of the best performances by an artist ever. Is this stripped down performance close to the "Paparazzi" 2009 VMA Performance which never gets old? Maybe?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kelly Rowland Follows Up Sleepy Hit With "Lay It On Me"

'Motivation' was the most boring yet hottest jam of the summer spending seven weeks atop of the R&B/ HipHop Billboard charts and has peaked at Nineteen on the Hot 100; a success Beyonce's 4 has yet to reach.
Kelly Rowland Shoot 11
This slow moving single maybe still holding the title But, K.Ro has plans to speed things up on a new single. "Lay It On Me" is the latest release from K.Ro's highly anticipated LP 'Here I Am' due Next week. The fun summer-ry track follows the foot steps of previous Hip Hop radio hits with it's noticeable piano riffs leaving less than little groundbreaking moments of innovation. Featuring the today's hot Rapper, Big Sean, Kelly doesn't leave too far from Motivation's sexual lyrics and just adds a little country-Esq story-line to beg the differ. It is clear that the single's "ohs" and "ahs" will play to the radio's taste buds and with it's lucky charms, it'll strike as a number one hit. However, the single does little to advance or develop the starlets image as talented artist. A song like this won't put her ahead in innovation but, instead just make her finally fit in with the cool table. A goal K.Ro has been searching for her whole solo career.

Check Out "Lay It Down Da Down Down Da Down Down Down Down

Is it just me or was her previous failed efforts more enjoyable than this whole Era?

"OOoooooooOOOOOOOoooHh This is Aaallllll That This Allll That!"

Yes It's true, 90's Nickelodeon is back! All of the best to ever air on the network return for the last hoorah on TeenNick. It sort of like a 'Teen'Nick at night which leaves me to wonder, Damn! am i that old for this era to be considered nostalgic for my generation?
Anyway after hundreds of facebook groups and thousands of youtube posts, TeenNick is finally putting the green light on the return date of these shows but at one awkward time zone. Airing from Midnight to Four A.M., these shows have entered into a dead time period which are time slots for shows already or on the verge of cancellation. It was previously reported that fate of this block of programming is highly dependent on the amount of viewership and ratings. The collection of shows to return consist of " Kenan and Kel, Doug, Clarissa Explains It All, All That" and many more
Good Right??
Well it only can get better if these shows do good; there will be talks of adding more hit shows to the line up like "Hey! Arnold, Aah! Real Monsters, and Rocko's Modern Life" but what would really impress me is the return of short lived series like "Taina, My Brother and Me, and Cousin Skeeter" heeeey!
So after being requested by millions, it is no doubt that 90's lovers must work even harder to keep these shows on the air or be stuck with the copyright infrigement claims on youtube. So Ima sit my booty on a floor or in a chair bc at twelve o clock I aint' goin no where............. actually at that time ill probably be in a bed.

Here are some of my favorite skits from All That!!
The Quick n Fast :) now days, it's hard to believe this was ever on Nickelodeon

The Loud Librarian :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Is "Yuyi" You and I?

The suspense trembling under little monster's feet everywhere............ What will be Gaga's next single? After a number of clues left by Gaga's tweets, little monsters have come up with some ridiculous as well as reasonable single choices. They've been considering double releases, unreleased records,re-releases and even plotting the single roster for the whole born this way Era. With all this talk, tweets, and clues, it's hard not to ask the question determining Gaga's next move.

Previous releases such as Judas and Edge Of Glory have proved the existance of the Born This Way LP but not the longevity of the record. As Judas quickly fell of the Hot 100, Edge of Glory was sent to withstand the Born This Way charting life. but the release of a less than boring video left fans hoping for a single with more damage control. The faux German speaking record "Schei├če" seems to ultimately come to mind. According to a Gagadaily poll, it was the highest voted record to appear as the next single respectively as well as being dubbed by most critics as best on the album. It is also highly recomended by yours truly. However Gaga's tweets and interviews give life to other single theories. For the new video, she speaks of a mermaid by the name of YUYI stating that she is in incubation. A concept that was previously intended for TEOG. She also speaks of the video challenging Born This Way's main theme of living halfway between reality and fantasy at all times. A saying that is used by Gaga to describe a number of the songs on the album. "Bloody Mary" sits on top seeming to be the most single worthy of the bunch. But will the record be considered much like it's predecessor, Judas, too edgy and dark for pop radio?
The song "You and I" proves to be a strong contender as the next single due to a number of reasons. One, the mermaid's name YUYI is in no doubt reminiscent of You and I. Two, the recent performance of Gaga singing the record in a mermaid outfit during a concert in Syndey. And three, heavy airplay evokes strong beliefs that You and I is the new single.

"Next video in just days. So passionate about the concept. Can't sleep. Visions of a surreal love. #YuyiIsReal. If you want her to be." -MM

Govenment 'Hook'er could be the next single Fish hooks anyone?
What do you think will be the next song from 'BTW' to get the full 'Gaga' treatment? How do you think the Born This Way single roster will pan out? Check out the Born This Way singles Poll

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