Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekly Fashion: Blue Fur

 Today's weekly fashion is all about fur and glamor. I love this look because it has such an experience look. With just one peak at this outfit I could not take my eyes off. This is my favorite look of the week.

  When I was placing this outfit together, I was truly inspired by my fur jacket. When I saw the jacket and I thought " how can I make this interesting piece stand out but not be too flashy". Then it hit me! I will pair this jacket with my blue and white button down shirt. Then I put my black pants on. Then I match my shoes with my blues and put them on. Next, I put my brown belt that matched the brown on my bag. On the bag, there is a down shaped design on it. So I matched it with my necklace. That's this weekly fashion. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Jacket: Thrift
Shirt: American Eagle
Pants: Pac Sun
Shoes: Dsquared
Belt: Target
necklace: Forever 21
Bag: Converse

Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekly Fashion: My Birthday Suit

Hello, I'm finally back! This is just me saying to everyone, stay safe! I've recently discover that I had food poisoning. I know you can't really protect yourself from that but check your food anyway. Also its flu season...we all know what to do about that. Wash Your Hands and Cover Your Mouth. But now lets start up the weekly fashion.

For this look I wanted to stand out and be the center of attention! Because it was my BIRTHDAY! When I was placing this outfit together, I thought, how can I look experience and special without having a sign that says "it's my birthday!' It's simple! I put on my white button up shirt then my red pants. I throw on my brown breaded belt which matches with my fur vest. Then I started tossing accessories on like there was no tomorrow. I finished this look with my bag, that ties everything together.

Pants: American Eagle
Shirt: Vintage
Fur vest: Hot Topic
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: (top one) Forever 21
Necklace:(cross) Vintage
Necklace:(last one) Forever 21
Belt: Target
Bag: Aldo
Bow: I made
Bracelet: Earthbound

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Put it Together (men)

Once again I was on the search for some really hot sunglass trends, for this spring and summer 2013. This time I came a crossed some rounded glasses. When I tell you I died I mean I died! This trend is so hot, it's kind of a blast from the past if you think about it. For an example, this trend was around in the 80s (but what wasn't ). So when I saw this on the runway by Z.Zegna, Diesel, and Mykita. I just had to get myself a pair... so I did, for less then $20 at this wed site that's been around since 02. Its called sunglasswarehouse. I know it takes a fashion darer to complete this look but it's quite fun, so i recommend trying it!  

Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Fashion: Sweater

There isn't much I have to say about this look. This look specks for it's self. Everything flows together, from the colors to the stripes. This is an amazing look. But I must say, flannel shirts are a stable in everyday wear. So when looking for an new way to style and or to wear one of these shirts it can be a little difficult. So I recommend to just go crazy with it and once you see something you like to stop there. So I started with my flannel shirt then put on my red pants and a gray skinny tie. I put on the black sweater with the gray stripes to tie the shoes in. Lastly I put on my brown belt to match the brown on my bag.
Shirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Vintage
Pants: American Eagle
Tie: Vintage
Shoes: Brixton
Bag: Converse
Belt: Present 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekly Fashion: DIY

As I was putting this outfit together, I was truly was inspired by the color of my beige oversized shirt. Then thinking to myself "what can I pair with this amazing piece?" Then it hit! I can pair this shirt with my white button up shirt and my classic denim skinny jeans. Now that I got that all together, it was time for accessories! Accessories can either make or break the an outfit. So if your not completely comfortable with accessories, I recommend getting the basics (statement piece necklace, a simple bracelet, and sunglasses). I looked and saw that my choker necklace and my brown leather cross would work perfectly. After all that, I thought the outfit still needed something and that something turned out to be my red bracelet. I soon paired it with my red belt. To tie everything together throw on my boot along with my sunglasses.

Shirt: Vintage
Pants: Zumiez
Oversized Shirt:Vintage
Boots: Aldo
Belt: Hot Topic
Bracelet: made in Jamaica
Sunglasses: Lose leaf
Choker: DIY
Bag: Forever 21

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