Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 14 Music Videos of 2011

Music Videos of 2011!!
Spoek Mathambo

14. Good Girl - Alexis Jordan
Jordan dances her ass off in this video

13. Rill Rill - Sleigh Bells

12. Born This Way - Lady Gaga
Gaga's Cinematic introduction solidified to Born This Way Era and had music listeners talking for days.

11. I Wrote The Book - Beth Ditto

10. Wonderland - Natalia Kills
Kills spills blood and heads in this horrid goth vid.

9. Post Physical - Pictureplane

8. Judas - Lady Gaga
Gaga introduces biblically inspired fashion.

7. Crystalline - Bjork

6. Amanamonesia - Chairlift
Chairlift pays homage to 80's video age.

5. Countdown - Beyonce

4. Beat and The Pulse - Austra
webbed limb models move to the beat and the pulse.

3. Party Rock Anthem - Lmfao

2. Control - Spoek Mathambo
This video combines disturbing images with a haunting beat

1. Household Goods - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
TEED uses the song as inspiration for all of its cuts, lights, and color display; truely showing what a music video really is.... a MUSIC video

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top Nine Albums of 2011

9. Penguin Prison - Penguin Prison
After creating tons of remixes penguin prison releases a debut album worth the listen. PP uses electro sounds and crafts them into funky electro soul.
Opening track don't fuck with my money sets the tone for the rest of the album; leaving listeners not fuck with the skip button.

8. The Perfectionist - Natalia Kills
Kills is a perfectionist addicted to immaculate and.... goth? The perfectionist explores the darker side of pop music. The album possesses fun light pop hits like "Free" and "Kill My Boyfriend" does not take listeners entirely to the dark side. However if one were to take these light lofty beats away from kills handcrafted edgy lyrics, one may find something else..... but it works

7. 4 - Beyonce
B's first album in three years was most shocking than her VMA Baby bump reveal. As most listeners waited for a Single Ladies based dance recording, they got something quite different. 4 is a collection of mid tempo 90's inspired soul tracks. It even has minor influences of country and gospel. Tending to be one of B's most intimate albums, 4 seems to have a very bright future.......not in the discount racks.

6. Something To Die For - The Sounds
ABBA meets No Doubt.. The Sounds third studio album carries the theme of death and dying in the common topic of love. Something to Die For has carefully crafted pop hits mixed with a more theatrical approach to rock music. The Opening to the Title track Something To Die For is something to die for

5. As If - Sky Ferriera
Even though this is only an Ep, AS IF! is far too good to pass up. This 5 Track Ep redefines the meaning of pop music possibly giving it more substance through the musical arrangements and its impressive lyrics. The tracks on AS IF! seemed to be taken right from Sky's diary as it pertains to how teens really feel. It fair to say this is the John Hughes of pop albums.

4. Biophillia - Bjork
Biophillia is the most innovative album of the year. with being the first album to be released as an app, the innovation doesn't stop there. The tracks of Biophillia are themed to different aspects of biology. Bjork crafts them to be listenable songs opposed to them sounding like a bio lecture.

3. Thee Physical - Pictureplane
Thee Physical perfectly blends loops that seem incompatible to the naked eye. The tracks on thee physical make listeners believe a song may end up one direction However, the outcome is always unexpected. These records are drenched in nostalgia but result as something fresh out the oven.

2. Portamento - The Drums
The Drums Second album does not stray too far from the debut Lp but it does evolve from those sounds flawlessly. Incorporating various sounds from saxophones to synthesizers, every record is perfectly crafted and perfectly sets up the songs that come after. Portamento takes it's listeners on a journey that stands solely on the true notion of a real album... Cohesion

1. Born This Way - Lady Gaga
The most controversial album of the year tackles various issues including self worth, female empowerment, and religous values. Born This Way salutes the megastars of the 80's and collaborates them with eccentric Gaga power making sounds that were truely Born That Way

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Top 51 Singles of 2011

This is a random collection of my favourite songs of 2011. Enter at your own risk.

51. Champagne Showers - Lmfao
The guys show their love for drinks and parties in this dance club smash

50. An Argument With Myself - Jens Lenkman
Lenkman's argument with himself results in a classic vacation sounding record. only if real arguments could sound like this.

49. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People
i dont know why VH1 bleeps out "bullet"

48. Vessel - Zola Jesus
I'm guessing this is the track gaga was listening to when she arrived to the grammy's in her vessel.

47. Buy My Love - Wynter Gordon
Gordon dishes another pulsating fun hit

46. Better off Without You - Summer Camp
no better break up time than the summertime

45. Love - Colin Smith
Smith looks for love in this heat wrenching recording

44. Don't Look Back - She And Him

43. The Beat and Pulse - Austra

42. Sure Thing - Miguel
Miguel draws 90's influence and offers an R&B smash

41. Shame - Jill Scott
Jill tells it like it is in this old school hip hop inspired record

40. Rill Rill - Sleigh Bells
the open road sound of this record introduces change to the sleigh bells sounds resulting as a perfectly crafted record

39. Keep You - Class Actress
electropop perfection
38. Show Me - Jessica Sutta

37. Gucci Gucci - Kreayshawn

36. Bad Gal - Douster

35. Ritual Union - Little Dragon
Little Dragon delivers electric soul

34. We Are Young - Fun
my happy new year anthem

33. Garden - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
after youtube page was taken over by cheryl cole fans, TEED demanded that the true fans represent their TEED spirit; For the record I kno where I was when I first heard this song....Cheryl was no where to be found.

32. Motivation - Kelly Rowland
As much as I hate Rowland's new direction, I cannot deny the massive hit this track has become
31. Winter Beats - I Break Horses
The best winter beat ever
30. Midnight City - M83
featured in every hip primetime T.V. show and victoria secret commercial; the secret is out!

29. Ananaemonesia - Chairlift

80's Flash Dance is Back!

28. Super Bass - Nicki Minaj

27. Don't Fuck With My Money - Penguin Prison
don't fuck with my money!

26. Easy Please Me - Katy B

25. S&M - Rihanna
This cootie queen sublimely contradicts herself regarding all of the abuse press. however, the song is pretty sadistically cool

24. Negative Slave - Pictureplane
Pictureplane offers a blend of trip pop, tribal pop, and a hit of techno in this trippy far out record.

23. Things Fall Apart - Zomby

22. No One Gonna Love You - Jennifer Hudson
J. Hud takes R&B to a fascinating level

21. Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO

20. Lofticries - Purity Ring
Purity Ring introduces the dead language of chopped & screwed to new electro territory

19. Good Girl - Alexis Jordan

18. Lay It On Me - Kelly Rowland

17. Call Your Girlfriend - Robyn

16. Take Over Control - Afrojack

15. Edge Of Glory - Lady Gaga

14. Countdown - Beyonce
counting down to the end of a song has never been so fun

13. Midnight Run - Example
example mixes dance club / dubstep to make this awesome record

12. Something To Die For - The Sounds
I live for this sound

11. Hold On - Rusko

10. Wonderland - Natalia Kills
Kills throws out beliefs and embaces the fairy tales in this lyrical pop masterpiece

9. Crystalline - Bjork

8. Money - The Drums
takes the words right out of my mouth

7. Sex Rules - Sky Ferreira
Apart of Sky's awesome 5 track Ep, As If, SR serves as the lead to Sky's Debut release

6. Post Physical - Pictureplane

5. I Wrote The Book - Beth Ditto

4. Born This Way - Lady Gaga
If this record did sample express yourself; then its the best damn sample

3. Household Goods - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
TEED rocks
2. Run The World (Girls) - Beyonce
Two of the years "Biggest flop" happened to be my most favourite smashes

1. Judas - Lady Gaga
Much like last year's number one, Robyn's "Dance On My Own," Judas turned out to be one of those big hits that somehow wasn't. It played to all of the sounds of a perfect pop hits and even blended elements of hardcore metal in the mix. This emotionally conscious material was set apart from other mainstream top ten hit that seem to favor parties and last friday nights. However, it failed to capture most pop music listeners and was considered to be Gaga's first flop. Soon after, the release of "The Edge of Glory" emerged and overshadowed the metaphorically toned hit record. With the decreasing attention of mother monster, Judas quickly fell off the hot 100 after seven weeks and was respectively forgotten. However, the single found a second life on the web by becoming the top searched Gaga song of the Born This Way era. It was also recognized for a couple of Grammy Award nominations. Ultimately, if the artist stops believing in their work everyone else will stop. As for Judas, I still believe.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

What is Fashion?

I was recently asked the question "What is fashion"? To be completely honest, it had me thinking. What is fashion? So i did so resource. By definition fashion means : a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing. Which doesn't make much sense. So it forced me to turn to self description of fashion.

By self description of fashion it can mean any and every thing. To some people fashion is an abanded factory. Where they don't really care about what they wear. But on the other hand fashion is a way of life, a mode ring , a job to some people. Clothes bring happiness to people. A sense of beauty to an other. Fashion can be your whole world.

After all of that self description of fashion, lead me to fashionista's. We all know what fashionista are. But if you dont, Fashionista means: a very fashionable person. Especially one who works in the fashion industry. Some of the leading fashionistas that pop up into my mind are Anna Wintour. ( editor and chief of Vogue) Also Arnold Wong from . Fashionista know what to wear and what looks good.

Now its your turn! Tell me what is fashion in your own words? Is it an abanded factory to you or a life style. Maybe ever your mode ring. What ever it is tell me i would love to know.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

TEED Behind The Scenes

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs take fans behind the scenes and give updates on new album. This 4play Film was directed by David Terrinova and broadcasted on the UK's Channel 4. It's cool shit. check it out

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fashion Alert!

Well its time to run to H&M. Versace recently did a line for H&M . I am telling you this fashion show was completely fetch. From the amazing Zebra to the beachy jump suits. All i can really say is a true fashionestia will be wearing this collection. Everyone snap your fingers for H&M. I will be spending my money here!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Models with singing Careers

What can i say?! This models are talented. The best part about this is, they all can sing the same way. Crazy right? Have a long look for yourself and try to tell me that these models don't have a singing career waiting!:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Look of the Week

After every week the there is going to be a look of the week. This week we have Marc Jacobs. His Fall Winter collection was totally delic. It had a corky funk to it. It might of been the completely fetch circles on everything or maybe just the wedges. Who knows ? All i know is that this show was fierce. Now take a look for your self:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall / Winter look pt4 (men)

D&G just stole the stage. With there fall line. Magical! They are truly the designer for that young hip person. Not afraid to pull out the fur. The thing that kept me in the madness would have to be the high tops with the stiller colored pants. Maybe even the sweat shirts with the blazer over it. What ever it was, it was amazing. Now have a peek for yourself:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall / Winter look pt 3 (men)

Its Gucci turn to take the stage. Gucci is very chic. The way they do it, beats me. When i see Gucci it makes me think. What type of guy would wear this fetch look? Then it hits me. A style loving chic man. The guy who wears this collection knows he looks good but plays it off as i don't care. The proof is in the clothes. For an example, the flairs to the amazing bags. Or even the fur coats. All i can say is "that's so fetch."

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall / Winter look pt2 (men)

Next we have Versace. Versace is a strong collection. The type of guys who wears this collection would most likely be a hard rock or punk rock type. Maybe i say this because of the leather pants or the stiller boots. Maybe even the leather coats and the amazing tank tops. Ether way this line was fantastic. Now it you turn to see this madness:

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall/Winter look pt1 (men)

This whole week i will be showing you awesome men looks to keep you in fashion this fall / winter season.

First on the list we have Vivienne Westwood. I guess her line, made the list because of it care freeness or its sternness. Whatever it is Vivienne have it going on. The type guy who wears this collection is a guy who is not afraid to be himself. The high wisted pant to the crazy designer sweaters. And the stiller lips. All show personal style and spookiness. You will see me wearing this collection this season. Now have a look for yourself:

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall / Winter look pt4

Align Center

We have D&G on list. D&G is know for making clothes for that young hip person. They do a good job at it too. This would have to be my favorite fashion show of 2011 2012 fall fashion. I don't know what it is but they have something going on. D&G brings some type of color and fun to this fall season. Maybe its the over sized blazer or the sweater with the long dress under. It could even be the letter pants or even the converse wedges. All i know is they did a good job. They had me saying "that's so fetch" after every look came out. Now its your turn to see this masterpiece :

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall / Winter looks pt3

Next we have Valentino. This collection has so much class. This look was made for a classy women that's not afraid to add a hint of edge to her wardrobe. The clothes are truly beautiful, from the long pea coats to the shirt dresses. This is a timeless collection and I can't wait to see all the fashionistas sporting these looks. Hope you enjoy then show because I know I am.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall/Winter looks pt2

Next on the list we have Vera Wang.You may know her for the wedding dresses she does. But her fall collection has something magical about it. I guess its just the way she put day dresses with night booties and wedges. Or the major fur coats and vests. This show is made for that girl that knows she looks good but plays it off as i don't care. Here are some highlights of this fetch show.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall / Winter looks p1

This whole week i well be posting videos of teen and early twenty's fashion. Some new clothes/ styles to keep you looking your best for this fall and winter season.
Rag and Bone is first on the list. They are true fashionistas. Their collection was more of a sporty look with an classy edge. The clothes were truly beautiful, from the striped pants do the delicious sporty jackets. This is a collection was truly made for all the sporty fashion girl. Here are some highlights of this runway show:

Friday, September 30, 2011

Marry The Night Next Single: Rumor or Not?

Only four months after the billboard debut of Gaga's latest single "You and I", and already been talks of the next single. Damn has YuYi dried up already? Anyways, "Marry The Night" has allegedly been propositioned as the Born This Way's next single. However, there have been no concrete reports or word from Gaga herself stating that these words are true...

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

At this very moment all I can say is that my fingers are crossed hoping it is a hoax. Marry The Night missed it's chance. The song clearly represents the return of Gaga while introducing the Born This Way era in to the world. It would have been suitable as a lead single or the follow up, but with the song being on the verge of release now seems pretty repetitive. MTN is an album opener and should stay that way. It's anthemic chorus and stadium size production is clearly attention getting however, in this point of the era it's time to give the people something to talk about. Gaga clearly has a collection of fire-starters on the album that I and fans have rambled on and on about in the past but the connection seems to be blockaded.
Anyway I don't want to come down on the singer yet because this statement may be false. All of the sources I've been to only quote a spring interview never clearly presenting Gaga as she distributes these inclusive words. And on the other hand, it may be true. Gaga seems to be following a pattern with her single choices this time a round. She maybe picking the highest charting songs. Edge of Glory charted at number three and became a single, You and I charted at number thirty-six and became a single, and last but not least Marry The Night charted at number seventy-nine; all charting upon the Born This Way release week.
So what do you think? Is the Billboard Hot 100 determining Gaga's single choices or Is this result of a slow news day that gained momentum?

Check Out Gaga's New Fashion Vid for You and I ........I think she did dry up .. they're taking her back to the water.

Ex-Pussycat Doll Plots Comeback

Move over Nicole sher....swaartss......whatever! One of your former band mates has emerged and is ready for her leading role in the spotlight. Jessica Sutta and her new hit "Show Me" will definitely take her there. The song has already charted on the Billboard Dance and is gearing up for "doll"domination (and it just might work this time). Deviating from the Pussycat Doll sound, "Show Me" works to reintroduce the star by building a yellow brick road of techno synths and hell-a-bass. Along with a high voltage video showing that this dolls can stand on her own. check out Jessica Sutta while she shuts down the city in "Show Me"!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Björk Plays Her Self In New Video

As a new fan, I am very surprisingly excited for the release of this album. After being hypnotized by first single "Crystalline", Bjork has been on my mind and on my Ipod; wishing I had an Ipad to experience the first ever 'App' album. Bjork previously released four singles: "Cosmogony", "Virus", "Crystalline", and the latest "Moon". The video treatment for the song is very basic yet alluring. It shows Bjork in front of the screen playing a mini harp which is attached to her waste; while a picture of the moon's phases flash by. There are no big surprises however, it does keep one mesmerized wondering what'll happen next. Watch Bjork 'play' her self in Biophillia's latest release "Moon"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

gabriel says...

Words are only lies without action, so i will never believe the truth...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hot One!: Pictureplane - Post Physical

If the 90's had the slightest chance at a future this would be it. Pictureplane's new single, Post Physical, is a blast from the past treated with a lot of futuristic fun. One may see this as a bad thing but truth is, it's the best damn thing that's happen to music in a while. From it's throw-catch beat to it's lightweight lyrics, Post Physical captures the spirit and feeling in music displayed in that time period, a little from today, and a little from the year 2025. The video doesn't stem too far from the track either. The very 90's shaky angle recording style constantly interrupted by distorted futuristic images clearly does sound track justice. With it's time traveling visual, time traveling sound, and time traveling experience, Post Physical looks to be this moments Hot One! for a long while.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

gabriel says...

bad situations are a blessing because God gives you something to write about...

Friday, September 2, 2011

All-Star Tribute - What's Going On?

Remember this?

With the the Ten Year Anniversary of 911 coming up, i thought it would be cool to shine light on the music that guided "light" during that time period.In 2001, An all-star tribute sort of like 'We are the World' was created in order to address controversial issues and uplift many from the devastating events in 9/11. The All-star tribute featured some of the biggest pop stars in that time. From the Savage Garden to the Destiny's Child, this song ultimately allowed an eclectic selection of artist cohere peacefully on one track.
For the record this is the last all-star tribute to get airplay before the disaster of 2009's "We are the World" Remake

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Linda Perry Tells It Az Real Az It GeTz: State of The Music Industry

LMAO!! Adding on to my rant of the state of the music Industry is songwriter, Linda Perry. Perry, who rose to fame with the hit 90's Rock Band, Four Non Blondes, and penning hit records for Xtina and pink; had some clear cut things to say about the music industry that couldn't have been said better by anyone else. As soon as I discovered this awesome interview, I was cheering profusely. I am not the only one who thinks the same thing. check this out!

If I Take a Breath Will That Be Autotuned?

"I've been listening to Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, then I go to some of the people who are popular now, and realize how much music has changed. It went from amazing, and raw, to slutty and auto-tuned. It's a shame."

A statement so true. When you take a look now it's hard to believe popular music was ever real and had substance. Now we are praising the likes of Katy Perry branding her as the female equivalent of Michael Jackson. (MJ didn't use autotune and majority of his number one hits were solo without remixes) Amen!?

In today's world of the digital download, I've realized that number one records don't mean shit anymore. Record industries are in some way, abusing the billboard charts to make songs seem more valuable than they are actually worth. For example, If a song needs a little boost call up some celeb friends, get them on a remix, get fans to buy the remixed record and BAM!!
Now the song goes down in number one history. Acts like this have been done by a number of autotuned modern pop royalties (Rihanna and the all ready forgotten S&M remix, Britney and the soon to be forgot End of the world remix)
Since when did artists think it was ok to just be serial chart toppers? But hey I guess thats what they mean when they say "fame kills". Not externally but Internally, What was once a love for music has died turned into the love of grammys, press, and broken records. That's the music world we live in.
Atleast Adele's 21 is in the top ten proving that real music always suffices.

Here's is a flashback of how popular music used to sound.
Check out Michelle Branch's New Video for her New Single "Loud Music"

Monday, August 15, 2011

Eleven Artist You Should Consider Getting to Know: 2011

Here are eleven artist who push boundaries, challenge the mind, and prove that great music can be uncharted.

Finds a way to interrelate nature,music, and technology. an out of the box concept that sounds immaculate in it's end result. Her new album Biophilia will be the first ever "App" album.
!:Check out "App"

The techno dark beats masked with an opera sounding voice immediately hypnotized but the artistic direction in Austra's videos will confirm attraction.

Spoek Mathambo
Complex elusive energy maybe baffling at first, but as the beat plays heads will roll. One youtuber described SM as Afro-Goth. I say .. He is the next level of Dance

Sky Ferreira
Anyone who loves Clueless (AS IF! Ep) is immediately loved by me but I love her music much more

Natalia Kills
UK's Natalia Kills makes a refreshing exploitation on the dark side of pop music.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Blissful satisfaction. The first dance music productions to ever live in the heart since the 90s.

Fever Ray
One half of my favorite group The Knife, Fever Ray, is an ever-growing theatrical extension that possesses voice alteration and tribal sounds to elevate the sound

Local Natives
Local natives laid back free spirit music style proves existence of the heart still living in music.

The Drums
An Indie band who's summer-y alluring sounds are instant perfection

Ever want party music without the plastic lyrics and generic beats? Sia delivers easy to party to music that still has meaning

Summer Camp
This flashback sound band knows how to put right word with the right chord that will instantly ensure a sing a long.

gabriel says...

in life, it never hurts to stop, rewind, and take notes. what good is a future if there is no past....

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hot One!: Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci

Kreayshawn is sure making a "Creation" of success with her latest single "Gucci Gucci." The song has already received over eight million hits on youtube, got overexposed in a ridiculous cover done by Lil Wayne, and it has gotten her a VMA nom for best new artist. Which is seeming to serve as artist promotion more than artist recognition or retrospect. However no shade here, "Gucci Gucci" has been on my Ipod for months now and I still rock out to it; sort of like how the Regular Show's Mordecai and Rigby rock out to "Summertime Lovin." With it's catchy hook, hilarious lyrics, worldwide attention, and Oakland style freshness "Gucci Gucci" has in no doubt sufficed as this moment's Hot One!

Check out this "White Girl Mob's" member swag it out in "Gucci Gucci"!

speaking of bad bitches, is that girl with the blonde hair and glasses Lea from The Bad Girl Club Season 5?lol

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You and I Are Rolling In The Deep

Well there you have it........ Lady Gaga finally confirms new video is You and I........
Lady Gaga - "The Edge of Glory"
Gaga first premiered the song early summer of last year when she stated that she was going to perform the song because it was not going to appear on the new album. Since then, the song has came a long way. It was apart the Monster Ball setlist, then revamped for the Born This Way tracklist and it has now been promoted to a single.
This news may come as a disappointment to many fans who, according to gagadaily, wanted anything but 'You and I' as a single. Citing Marry The Night, Heavy Metal Lover, Americano, SchieBe, and our poll's top pick, Government Hooker as favorable single choices, Fans made it clear that You and I would not be a first pick.

Although this single choice was very transparent it's still however very disappointing. Of all of the single worthy records on the album, the year old over produced country record gets the single treatment? It seems like Team Gaga is trying to garner as much crossover appeal as possible in order to compete with the recent success of Adele. Since "Rolling in the Deep" hit number one, Adele has had no stop world attention. Her sophomore Album, 21, has found record breaking success and is a leading nominee at the MTV Music Video Awards while Gaga only collected three noms.
Since the demise of Judas, Gaga seems to be trying to prove herself as a talented artist. Most believe that all of the masks , wigs, and pyrotechnics have forced people to over look the talent causing a superficial illusion. However, Gaga has proved over and over again that she is indeed very talented. With millions of fans watching her every move as well as the very little that peek in, talent approval seems to be the last thing Gaga needs to be worried about. Therefore, this single choice is like beating a dead horse and then running it over a couple of times before taking it to the slaughter house.

With Adele's RITD riding high on success and being the only non dance record in the top ten, there seems to be a lot of open doors for the Yuyi side of Gaga. A more acoustic rock n roll side of the singer. The likes of 'Speechless', 'Brown Eyes', and the acoustic renditions of her top ten hits only hinted this piano driven form of the pop star but no top ten hit solidified it. You and I will be the debut of a less dance-y pop star and spotlight a rock star; hopefully it does well.

You and I has previously charted on the latter part of the Hot 100 and has already gained radio airplay. But will this song avoid flop land alluring to furious fans who didn't want it to be a single or will the collection of new ones make the record a hot shot for number one?
Watch Gaga announce the new single "You And I"

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Alexander McQueen

If you thought that Alexander Mcqueen line was going to die with him, your not alone. I thought the same thing until i saw the show. Everything about this show was amazing. From the over sized coats to the beautiful wedding dresses. This show had me on my toes for the whole 9 minutes. The shoes were delicious. (cant wait to see Gaga in them) I have to give around of applause to the new designer Sarah Burton. (Who took over for Alexander Mcqueen)

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashion Daster

As we all know history repeat its self. But there is one thing history should not repeat and that is the fashion that came from the movie sprung. The two leading ladys Tisha Cambell and Paula jai Parker were tore up from the floor up.

In the movie Tisha played a good girl, kind of shy and a well paid lawyer. Yeah i know what your thinking how is a well paid lawyer going to look tore up? Its simple! Tisha wear a chef's outfit into the office. Talk about bad! But what put the icing on the cake, is the horrible color! They had that poor girl wearing a sliver chef outfit that resemble the look and color of aluminum foil. With matching shoes. Her outfit was soooooooooooooo bad that i just had to laugh, exceptionally when i saw her with a suitcase that had all of her belongings in.

Paula on the other hand played a sexy golddigger looking for a husband. Her look paid her Justice...if she was a hooker! Though out the whole movie she was wearing too tight, too short, too ugly outfits. Talk about pitiful. I cant really even single out one of her outfits but i can tell you that she had some tore up wigs on. One nice thing that came from her hair is she had a new wig on for ever go girl???

As we can both see I hope, i mean i prayy that these horrible fashions never come back in style. Hey but don't get me wrong that movie is sooo funny i cant wait to watch it again. And those actors can really act. Well that it for me. Make sure you watch Sprung.

Lady Gaga's Edge Of Reason.

I Know i've made it very clear that "The Edge of Glory" is my least favorite Gaga record but this latest rendition of the record is a must listen.
Gaga shows the world why she is the most popular artist in the world. Everyone knows she has excellent showmanship, she's a great performer as well as a fashion Icon But, this video has got to deplete anyone believing this starlet doesn't have talent. This is clearly one of Gaga's best acoustic performances to date and maybe one of the best performances by an artist ever. Is this stripped down performance close to the "Paparazzi" 2009 VMA Performance which never gets old? Maybe?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kelly Rowland Follows Up Sleepy Hit With "Lay It On Me"

'Motivation' was the most boring yet hottest jam of the summer spending seven weeks atop of the R&B/ HipHop Billboard charts and has peaked at Nineteen on the Hot 100; a success Beyonce's 4 has yet to reach.
Kelly Rowland Shoot 11
This slow moving single maybe still holding the title But, K.Ro has plans to speed things up on a new single. "Lay It On Me" is the latest release from K.Ro's highly anticipated LP 'Here I Am' due Next week. The fun summer-ry track follows the foot steps of previous Hip Hop radio hits with it's noticeable piano riffs leaving less than little groundbreaking moments of innovation. Featuring the today's hot Rapper, Big Sean, Kelly doesn't leave too far from Motivation's sexual lyrics and just adds a little country-Esq story-line to beg the differ. It is clear that the single's "ohs" and "ahs" will play to the radio's taste buds and with it's lucky charms, it'll strike as a number one hit. However, the single does little to advance or develop the starlets image as talented artist. A song like this won't put her ahead in innovation but, instead just make her finally fit in with the cool table. A goal K.Ro has been searching for her whole solo career.

Check Out "Lay It Down Da Down Down Da Down Down Down Down

Is it just me or was her previous failed efforts more enjoyable than this whole Era?

"OOoooooooOOOOOOOoooHh This is Aaallllll That This Allll That!"

Yes It's true, 90's Nickelodeon is back! All of the best to ever air on the network return for the last hoorah on TeenNick. It sort of like a 'Teen'Nick at night which leaves me to wonder, Damn! am i that old for this era to be considered nostalgic for my generation?
Anyway after hundreds of facebook groups and thousands of youtube posts, TeenNick is finally putting the green light on the return date of these shows but at one awkward time zone. Airing from Midnight to Four A.M., these shows have entered into a dead time period which are time slots for shows already or on the verge of cancellation. It was previously reported that fate of this block of programming is highly dependent on the amount of viewership and ratings. The collection of shows to return consist of " Kenan and Kel, Doug, Clarissa Explains It All, All That" and many more
Good Right??
Well it only can get better if these shows do good; there will be talks of adding more hit shows to the line up like "Hey! Arnold, Aah! Real Monsters, and Rocko's Modern Life" but what would really impress me is the return of short lived series like "Taina, My Brother and Me, and Cousin Skeeter" heeeey!
So after being requested by millions, it is no doubt that 90's lovers must work even harder to keep these shows on the air or be stuck with the copyright infrigement claims on youtube. So Ima sit my booty on a floor or in a chair bc at twelve o clock I aint' goin no where............. actually at that time ill probably be in a bed.

Here are some of my favorite skits from All That!!
The Quick n Fast :) now days, it's hard to believe this was ever on Nickelodeon

The Loud Librarian :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Is "Yuyi" You and I?

The suspense trembling under little monster's feet everywhere............ What will be Gaga's next single? After a number of clues left by Gaga's tweets, little monsters have come up with some ridiculous as well as reasonable single choices. They've been considering double releases, unreleased records,re-releases and even plotting the single roster for the whole born this way Era. With all this talk, tweets, and clues, it's hard not to ask the question determining Gaga's next move.

Previous releases such as Judas and Edge Of Glory have proved the existance of the Born This Way LP but not the longevity of the record. As Judas quickly fell of the Hot 100, Edge of Glory was sent to withstand the Born This Way charting life. but the release of a less than boring video left fans hoping for a single with more damage control. The faux German speaking record "Scheiße" seems to ultimately come to mind. According to a Gagadaily poll, it was the highest voted record to appear as the next single respectively as well as being dubbed by most critics as best on the album. It is also highly recomended by yours truly. However Gaga's tweets and interviews give life to other single theories. For the new video, she speaks of a mermaid by the name of YUYI stating that she is in incubation. A concept that was previously intended for TEOG. She also speaks of the video challenging Born This Way's main theme of living halfway between reality and fantasy at all times. A saying that is used by Gaga to describe a number of the songs on the album. "Bloody Mary" sits on top seeming to be the most single worthy of the bunch. But will the record be considered much like it's predecessor, Judas, too edgy and dark for pop radio?
The song "You and I" proves to be a strong contender as the next single due to a number of reasons. One, the mermaid's name YUYI is in no doubt reminiscent of You and I. Two, the recent performance of Gaga singing the record in a mermaid outfit during a concert in Syndey. And three, heavy airplay evokes strong beliefs that You and I is the new single.

"Next video in just days. So passionate about the concept. Can't sleep. Visions of a surreal love. #YuyiIsReal. If you want her to be." -MM

Govenment 'Hook'er could be the next single Fish hooks anyone?
What do you think will be the next song from 'BTW' to get the full 'Gaga' treatment? How do you think the Born This Way single roster will pan out? Check out the Born This Way singles Poll

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beyonce Attempts to Reclaim Crown in 4 Promo

Beyoncé "4"
June 28, 2011 saw the release of King B's highly anticipated 4th studio album, 4, and she didn't let anyone forget it. With "Run the World" and "Best Thing I Never Had" lying on the lower half of the billboard charts, Team Beyonce continues to act like they have the highest charting singles ever. And I am loving every minute of it. MTV, BET, and Vh1 simultaneously premiered Beyonce's new half hour documentary, year of 4, which was a behind the scenes look at 4's album process and the 'Run The World' video. I don't know exactly what is it about King B this time around but there is something completely alluring about her as well as her music. 4 is a complete turn from B's previous sassy effort, I am Sasha Fierce. It possesses a more soulful tribal afro-futuristic sound that is hardly found in mainstream music today. Maybe it is the neglect of overproduced techno sounds and auto-tune that sets 4 apart for me. The new direction and neat production of the records may give '4' the fighting chance in spite of the mediocre success of the first two singles. Colombia records previously released a statement regarding the final decisions of 4. Saying that they were never worried about the fate of the album and plans 18th month promotion including plans of releasing a number of singles. As crazy as it sounds, I'm actually interested in how this will all turn out. The records of 4 are mainly mid-tempo ballads, a sound that once digressed going against the lyrically weak muffled sound of today's party mainstream. To see how this will turn out is an interesting journey within itself and i think I'm ready to join the ride...

My Fave Five:::: " I Miss You" "Run The World" "Countdown" "End Of Time" "1+1"

What do you think of '4'?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Aaliyah - More Than A Woman

Remember this One?!?
Back during a dark time in America, music tragically lost two of it's most innovative stars.
One of them being R&B Princess Aaliyah whose tragic death lead to the mourn of upset fans and a moment of silence in the music world. This video was released in 2002; seven months after the release of her chart topping self titled album and is believed to be one of her most monumental records to date. This August will mark the tenth year since the songbird's homecoming, and anyone who is a fan of R&B music will agree that music has never been the same.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief at Cannes

Just some more background. Make sure you look at the 1st post to see all of the juicy stuff that this video did not have!

fashion for good

This is just some the highlights at Fashion for Relief. (a fundraiser) I know all of the fashionistas saw it but this is just for everyone who didn't.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"They wanted to put us on an island, but instead we kill ourselves
wearing a blindfold fully blinded, walking backwards through this hell
These eyes
need a cry" -eyes
a lyric from a song i've written addressing the cluster suicides concerning sexual orientation. Not another fcking "It Gets better Video" >(
i feel that its important for people to mourn or confront their mishaps but when one is done get back up and fight like hell. God gave everyone a voice which is meant to be heard. Never let anyone overshadow who you are.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hot One!: Beth Ditto - I Wrote The Book

I love when lead singers from rock bands go out on their own and totally embrace a new sound that is destine to change the ears of the world. Gwen Stefani, Freddy Mercury, and others went on the solo route and made a name for themselves aside from the band. So it's only right from Gossip's lead singer to do the same. 'I Wrote The Book' from Beth Ditto's self titled Ep is a bouncy club track with dark undertones which truly exemplifies the songs explicit meaning. Beth keeps it real while keeping sexy in the madonna Esq. clip and proves that she wrote the book so don't test her. This flaming hot video, spicy lyrics, and Ditto's sexy powerful vocals are exactly what it takes to be this moments hot one.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daily Fashions (Rainy Day)

Well today i was really inspired by the stripe look. As we all know 2011 spring and summer is all about color.(like Prada) Well i tried the look with a green and yellow tank top paired off with a brown belt and over sized brown shirt. I call this look rainy day outfit. It still brings the springiness with out going all out.

I truly love the green and yellow tank with my high wisted pants because it is a awesome look. But as research shows small stripes can make you look bigger then you actually are. So to stop myself from looking bigger i went with the over sized shirt. Any top that is too big can actually make you look smaller...surprise!

This look my seem like too much but if you take the outfit apart, peice by peice you will see that it all goes together. First the striped tank top, i paired it with my yellow sunglasses.(i know it rained today) Next i put the brown top on. Also a dark brownish blackish belt. Next i put on my black shoes with my black bag. That tied it all together.

As i said in the last Daily Fashions you can always turn my outfits to fit males and females. For the girls you really have it easy today. You don't have to change a thing. But if you do want to wear heels DSW has the same shoes.

Shirt: Old Navy

Tank top: Pac Sun

Pants: D Max

Belt: Vintage

sunglasses: Hot Topic

shoes: Aldo

bag: Rue 21

Monday, May 16, 2011

daily fashions

I really love the colors blue and yellow together. Also some details on the shirt that you can't see is that the shirt has little dots of black in it. That is what made me pair it with the black belt,bag and shoes. The necklace has is metal chain with a black metal chains inside of it.

I was really inspired by the bright colors, the colors bring some type of springiness to it. If you look in to the fashion magazines it is all about bright bold colors this spring and summer. For an example Marc Jacobs,Prada, and Proenza Schouler. All work out amazing colors in there clothes.

This look could easily work for girls too. All you have to do is get smaller pants and they make the same style shoes at DSW. As you can see this look can be played as a male look and a female look.

Shirt: Rue 21

Pants: Pole

Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Aldo

Bag: Rue 21

Necklace: Buckle

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Terence Went MAAAAAAD!: Fashion for your stylistic apetite..

Did you know, in Australia that the Ugg boot is used to take out the trash. All because people in Australia hate going outside. So why in America, its soooo in style to where trashy impliments. Celebs for an example britney spears and d-listers like "blah" wear these elephantitus things to be fashionably effective... more like fashionably wrong. There are so many things wrong with stuff we call fashion and the ugg boot seems to be the leading cause of America's fashion mayhem...

Instead of ugly animal killing shoe, try a black pump. its not to sexy but at the same time nice a nuff to go out in public with. If your are not sure where to get some at, Nordstorm keeps a good number of them. also some of the shoes there are creaper then elephantitus and quitfrankly better looking too.

Dont think i forgot about the guys. Guys have to be just as fashionable as girls. Try wearing some crazy good looking brown loafer. There not to dressy but at the same time there good looking. Like i said before Nordstorm has a good number of them.

Insteady of wearing animal killing , elephantitus looking boots try some of Uggs other shoe wear. Some of there shoe wear is really cute :-)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Question: Can one be Christian and Gay???

Answer: well if your name is Christian and you're happy, there's no's definitely possible

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I like this

I could just go on and on about how good this song is, but hell let this record speak for itself. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Check it OuT!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

today lady gaga's video for born this way was released and it helped me realize my love stretches beyond the likes of this world... a cigarette is long overdue

Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby I Was Boooorn This Waaaaaaaay!

After all the hype, the long awaited release of Lady Gaga's Born This Way saw the light. This morning at six or eight, Mother Monster's record was uploaded to the internet. So what do you think?

Lady Gaga - Born This Way
I think the song is good... Great.... kind of both of the two. It definitely stays on the pop radio route such like Enrique's "Baby I Like It" but it also has it's unique one of a kind Gaga-ness. The song could almost be deemed as a cover due to all of the comparisions to Madonna's Express yourself. But hey that was like over twenty years ago; don't you think it's about time for an express yourself 2011? Everybody hates the single or are highly critical of it now. but once the video drops, I highly believe that the people will understand the production and the direction of the song.

click here to listen

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hot One!: Afrojack f/ Eva Simons - Take Over Control

She has already been mistaken for Rihanna and Lady Gaga when her previous hit, "Silly Boy," went viral and now, she is back; But this time as Ms. Eva Simons. Simons is featured on a new hot track, by Afrojack, that is said to have been topping to Dance Airplay Charts for weeks now, according to Simons twitter. "Take Over Control" shares a true dance club music experience but also bends towards the pop sounding stylings of today's Mainstream hits. What hits home for me is the upbeat excitement, the head turning dance performance, and the quick cut edit that is casted through the video. All that and Simon's hair make "Take Over Control" this moments Hot One!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Must Listen: Ciara - Ride (Rmx f/ Andre 300, Bei Maejor,Ludacris

Ciara Basic Instinct

Plain and simple Ciara should've recruited Bei Maejor for Basic Instinct because this track clearly has Goodies/Evolution Era Ciara all over it. Check it out Below. Upon the release of Ci Ci latest record, she stated that she wanted to go back to her roots. This remix clearly does just that and more. It throws away the original luke warm beat, provided by the dream, and injects an 06' inspired Ciara sound; truly capturing the essence of who Ciara really is. If I had any say on Ci Ci's latest project; I'd have B.I. reissued with Bei Maejor remixing majority of the records because this is the shit. totally better than the original...... maybe it is the original?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

J.Lo Looks Good!

Jenifer Lopes
Don't be fooled by the rocks that she got because Jenny from the block is still hot. Jennifer Lopez is the latest spokesperson for newest addition in L'Oreal, EverSleek. In true L' Oreal commercial fashion, Lopez walks around flaunts her stuff, and shakes her hair while a huge industrial fans glamourizes the occasion. I am floored by how glamorous she looks in this vid however, I am aware of the retouching software used in these types of frames. With all new idol, all new album on the way, and all new L'Oreal; J.Lo plans to make a glamorous comback to the industry. Hopefully there's more "Love Don't Cost a Thing" and less 'Back-up Plan'. Check out the new revamped J.Lo below.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Too Many Words, Not Enough Head

Too Many Words, Not Enough Head

Too Many Visions, Not Enough Substance

Too Many Feelings, Not Enough Heart

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